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Wk 6 Final Project


Wk 5 Final Project Script/Draft

Who is the audience?

Preteen(9-12 years old)

2-Sentence Synopsis

This comic is telling a story about a boy named Jermaine tries to investigate how he eats every day. With the help of his digestive organs such as pancreas, teeth and his own phone, Jermaine will discover the truth of foods and make a change in his diet.


  1. How do you feel?
  2. What is “serving size”?
  3. How serving size affects calory intake?
  4. Why should Jermaine care about serving size?
  5. What will happen next?

Wk 4 Typography: Remorseful

WebComics: The Awkward Yeti

Wk 3 Frames, Borders and Transitions: The Ape Lady

Wk 2 Combination of Words and Images

Wk 1 Concept Visualization: from Detail to Idea

Diary(Please Click Open)

Jan 24 to Feb 5

Feb 6 to Feb 12

Feb 13 to 20

Feb 21 to 26

Feb 27 to Mar 5

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